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Scott King, an international best selling author, was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Ocean City, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree in film from Towson University, and his M.F.A. in film from American University.

Until moving to follow his wife’s career, King worked as college professor teaching photography, digital arts, and writing related classes. He now works full time as an author. His non-fiction books are a way for him to get back that feeling of teaching a class, while his fiction books are his way of having fun.

King was first introduced to the entertainment industry in high school when he was hired as a production assistant on “Runaway Bride.” At the time, he served as a reporter for the school newspaper and although another student was assigned the article about the movie King was determined to write it. He snuck into a press conference where Gary Marshall was meeting with local media, so that he could out-scoop his fellow student. During the meeting King asked a few questions about how the movie would affect bus routes and local businesses. The next day he was hired and he’s been working in the entrainment industry ever since.

King currently lives in Heidelberg, Germany, with his wife Lisa. He is non-binary, disabled. He is living his best life, writing, traveling, and photographing the world.

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